Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blitzkrieg! The Nellie Ball! That’s What Smart Gilas!

Smart Gilas just fricking blew it! Why can't we have Norman Black or Franz Pumaren to coach our national team? Okay, Toroman has more experience coaching in the international level. But we just saw the results!

Basketball is basketball wherever you play it. You dribble the same round ball, shoot it through the same round hoop. The team who can dribble faster and score more than the opponent win the game. We don't have the size, we don't have the height. What we have is speed! We could have outran and outgunned Jordan or even China.

We have much better point guards who can push the ball faster than point guards from China, Iran or Jordan, pass the ball to faster power forwards or attack the rim if necessary. This type of game doesn’t need a Haddadi or a Yao Ming. This isn’t a game for 7-footers. We just need Alapag or Barroca, Lutz, Lassiter, Ranidel, Williams out there.

Don Nelson
Manny Pacquiao doesn't have the size when he fought David Diaz, Miguel Cotto, Margarito, and other supposedly stronger, bigger and taller opponents. But his speed was just too much for them. Speed conquered Poland in one day. It’s the fucking Blitzkrieg! The Nellie Ball, baby!

Only 61 points? Cripes, they should have offset their lack of size and height with Pacquiao-style aggressiveness and speed! Only 61 points? Now that's like Ortiz fighting a fucking Mayweather! We could have been Pacquiao with those caliber of talents and athleticism we have in the team!

That one is on Toroman. He could have learned a few things from Norman Black or Franz Pumaren. Heck, he should have borrowed from Paul Westhead and Don Nelson. These people can do great things for Philippine Basketball. Can't we ever have that privilege, that honor for next FIBA Asia Championship?

Paul Westhead