Saturday, August 20, 2011

Okay Now, I'm Over a Hump, What's Next?

Been almost a month since the last post. But this time I’ve good reasons. So I’m not complaining. Just a few interesting things for this post, boys and girls.

First, I’ve hit a milestone or something this month. The first time ever I’ve lasted for a year working in the same company, and I’ve quite a string of them companies enough to connect Cebu to Bohol after over 3 years as a professional mindwhore. And so far I’ve no plans of going anywhere. The boss is nice. I have a great team in my department, and I am earning money. Not boatloads of them, yet. But enough money to go by, and still have some to spare for books and a quick booze.

One year, baby. No fireworks or whatever. Just a fucking milestone. And that’s that.

Also I saw a friend reading Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov, which reminds me of a review I wrote in college and was published in The Philippine Star. I’m ashamed of it now. But hell I was young and inexperienced and like any foolish young college kid I only wanted to see my name published in a national newspaper. So to my penance and further embarrassment, I’ll lead you to that link: 

P.S. The Philippine Star paid me P5,000 for it. Spent all of them on books.


  1. Nag'SEO si Daddy Jon, hahaha, commenting...

  2. ako man jud tingali nang nagbasag karamazov ba

  3. Hehe, shapaman diay! Kaw jud. Also you're the second person I know who has read such a colossal book. The other one is my Philo prof in college. Cheers!

  4. Though I am unimpressed of Smerdyakov's murder, I cannot say the same thing for Vanya's "petty" devil. Btw Nas, what can you say about John Irving? I have his Hotel New Hampshire.

  5. I have John Irving's The World According to Garp, his best work, they say. But I haven't read it yet. Actually, I haven't read anything by him. But I saw the film version of The Cider House Rules, which is pretty good. Balt mentioned to me reading A Widow for One Year which impressed him, which says something because he isn't easily impressed by anything.

  6. a widow for one year is indeed impressive