Sunday, August 16, 2009

Till Doomsday and Kingdom Come

Seems like I need again to break my habit of not attending to my blog. You may notice that I was not blogging for one straight month. And during that period, interesting events were happening that were worthy of a blog, and which I just observed in silence, doing nothing but sipped my favorite grog with pleasure and toying the idea of getting a good honest laid.

Anyway, blogworthy events were happening on that one month duration like putting fear to my girlfriend's stalker and several of my idolized personas had finally decided to become dead.

Arranged alphabetically, they are Cory Aquino (for revolutionizing Philippine Politics), Frank McCourt (for giving the world his most well-loved memoirs: Angela’s Ashes, ‘Tis, and Teacher Man), Michael Jackson (for his Moonwalk minus his expensively distorted face), and Regalada Aleria (my grandmother who once bought me a Boyz II Men T-shirt and for cooking for me my favorite dinurog, her own specialty made of a hodge-podge of native delicacies).

To boot, other equally disappointing yet funny footnotes of bad history were occurring too such as the elevation of Carlo J. Caparas to National Artistdom, which means I can be a National Artist too, okay, you too, provided we still have this kind of government when we are as old as Carlo Fucking-J-Fucking Caparas and continue doing what we are doing at present: producing crap in strong doses, prolifically. An angry critic once compared my writings to said Carlo J. Caparas. So don’t envy me when I get that award any year now. The other one which no longer surprise me was the 10,000,000php Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had spent for a dinner in New York. Others said it’s 1,000,000php in a fucking blowout. But whichever sources you consult, a million pesos spent in a single dinner to satisfy one’s hunger (or is it bodily hunger they wanted to fill?) is pure motherfucking craziness and retardity, making my 20 pesos daily allowance for food looks like a crumb.

But Gloria is widely known as delusional and retarded is no longer a surprise. But, hey, let’s not envy her ‘coz she’s crazy, retarded and all as well as those people surrounding her. She’s our fucking President for crissakess! Or supposed to be one, that is, if we really have one since Erap was caught fucking with our women and spending our money on big time gambling. But at least we can honestly say that the good ole man Erap was really the President, short time though it was, yet had still the time enjoying those (expletives expletives***) awesome benefits!

I once blogged about voting next year’s elections only if Ed Panlilio will run for the presidency. I should add Noynoy Aquino to my wishlist. Well, either the Ed or Noynoy should run. We can never go wrong to any one of them. Otherwise, I better not vote and stay in my reclusive room with the ants, mosquitoes, my rum and brandy, books, and the occasional visit of the girlfriend till doomsday and kingdom come.

Now wait…’


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  2. As said in your page good sis: "A new fresh start always brings good. Or so it seems to me. I've nothing but good wishes and thoughts for you rej. Tough it out! And you'll be fine."