Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Watch Is To Gasp: US Pres. Barack Obama's Speech!

After caffeinating my system, shrugging off sleep and nausea out, I proceeded to do my duty that morning. Well, my dear invisible readers, nothing happened. And I hate myself for hating to do my duty in the morning, which I've been doing for almost two years now.

But cripes I needed the money and I should be working now. So I told my self, hey, self, seems like I should again remind you that you just emptied the last bottle of whiskey in the refrigerator, and your angry girlfriend will be coming, or maybe not coming, this evening, and that you should finish those long-due articles, and fuck you self if you'll not work this morning you'll soon end up again in the streets, jobless and probably laidless for days to come unless you can produce something and not hating too much of doing your duty every morning. And for cripessakes, Take a Bath and Grow up!

So with that, I took a quick bath, opened my laptop again, fixed another cup of coffee and started to look at the pictures of Maricar Reyes to help me gain some perspective. Then afterwards, I read some scripts from the Tonight Show with its new host Conan O'Brien. There and then, the world has started to become friendly and its humanity becomes sort of loving.

When I come to read the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon's comedy scripts, the world seems to stop. HAHAHA, Pres. Obama was in Egypt giving a historic speech at Cairo University with all those Muslims in the audience, and those Muslims loving him in Iran. The now much translated speech, according to Fallon, is now available in Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, and yes, all of them are misspelled. The other comedian Jimmy Kimmel said that although the speech is much too awesome for the Iranians and even for America, those same Iranians dismissed the speech as "all talk."

Indeed, what can they expect? It was a speech, right?! Are they expecting flying "Burjers" too, just like in Benjamin Abalos' speech and all talk!? Those funny Iranians...'

So with that, here is the speech in full. This makes another good reason why I love America (or why you should love America) her system, her people, well some of the people. If you can find the time, you can watch and listen to Pres. Barack Obama's "A New Beginning" Speech here.

Best listened to alone or with someone you love, a cup of coffee, or a bottle of whiskey..' Now wait, that reminds me of something...


  1. hey everyone! thanks to jonas i got into a job. it brought honor back to me, but i guess i'l be dishonoring him later when i'l show signs of poor distant uncommitted performance..hehehe

  2. Hey, Loydo! My Congratulations, man! It's yours to keep man, yours to keep.. You much deserved it..' I know you can do very well.

    And yes, surely, you will be "dishonoring" me if you'll not buy me some drinks later. You know what I mean. You owe that to me.

  3. hehehe no problem with the drinks.. let's schedule it soon when the time is not right..hehehe