Thursday, September 4, 2008

Of blogs, friendster and writing

It's been September, gentle readers, and three weeks since my last updates of this blog. Blame me for it. I am a sluggard slinger. But fuck you I write when I feel like it.

That said, I want to thank you for following this far. The thing is I was promoted in my job - from a bad lazy writer to a most unscrupulous editor of the company, and it's been a month now. So you see, I have some reasons here of not writing and more time of emptying bottles of gin in my room, watch bad movies or just read, and not worrying of having headaches the next morning.

So as I said, I find this time now to finally write and silence this little conscience that's been bothering me everytime I remember that I have a blog, or when friends mention about blogs and how nice their new template is and can I leave some comments in their blog, or how about add their accounts in my friendster. You have friendster account, right?

Of course I have a friendster account you freak, I would shout in my head.


  1. lol, that makes me wanna tickle the waitress' ..... bone :P

  2. Hey, it's you man. Thanks for dropping by this corner.

  3. hey, it's woth here..think you should show your work to nyor of the seminary. hell he should be proud that his shouting and cursing in english class paid off!

  4. dapat lang na maging matatag ka dapat magkayod sa hirap ng buhay ngayon

    im proud of you:)
    keep it up:)