Monday, January 27, 2014

Let Me Talk About RC Cars and Stuff

Let me talk about radio controlled cars for a little bit. You see I've been writing a lot about RC cars for the boss for several months now, and my head feels like it's going to explode with ideas about them. And the boss is paying my rent right now and as long as his RC Cars Shop is earning money online I am alright. I'll continue providing the words and ideas for him. He'll continue giving me money for my awesome efforts. So that's that.

First off, I love RC cars. Who doesn't right? Those beautiful cool fast cars that look like the real one that you spin around the neighbor's front yard, with the kids and people stopping to look at your new rides with cool design that runs whichever direction you want it to go, slow and fast, whatever you want it to do. Oh the envy of everyone!

Second off, I can't damn afford it. I had had toy cars before. The cheap ones you can buy for 50 pesos or less. Real remote control cars cost a princely amount cash.

Third off, there's no third.

This is all for a quick blog post.

Also why are you doing reading this blog?


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